Our Mission

We are a young platform, which would like to create awareness of environmental & social issues and solve them in an economically viable & sustainable way.

Our principles are: UPCYCLED as a route to environmental sustainability, SOCIALLY RESONSIBLE , handcrafted with the heart, designed with style & competitively priced to make a difference.


We believe in making things better, starting from objects we use every day. We love to improve the use of products so that they are better than their original and increase their useful life. This also helps us keep the world beautiful, like it deserves to be.

We are a socially responsible enterprise. We work with local communities to ensure that we solve local problems to the benefit of all stakeholders. We believe in giving back through improved economic incentives to ensure sustainability and shared benefit to everyone.


We aim to create products for everyday use. Our products are designed from the heart, for you to use or as a perfect gift.

Recent Products